Creating A Music Scene In SF

Meet Me In The Bathroom

Let’s do this. Do you have a band? Are you looking for a band? Do you need a place to play? I came across a familiar recipe in Meet Me In The Bathroom: cheap rent, cheap drinks, and free music. Culture seems to thrive when money is no object. When the natural order of having fun prevails, people latch onto it. And then more people. And then small businesses. And then corporations. But who cares? I’m done caring.

I recalled something I read in How Music Works. There has to be a place to play that supports new music without pretension, that is accessible and cheap. And I think I have just the place. The Creamery is a small coffee shop on 4th and King, and it originally was a creamery! But over time, as the demands of the city changed, it changed too. And I think now it’s time to change again. We have approximately two years before the building will be torn down to accommodate two new high-rises so let’s try and make the most of it! Don’t worry, the new buildings will have stores on the ground floor and The Creamery has been given a slot. But for now I think we should capitalize on this opportunity to create something unique in the city.

Do you already have a scene or know about one? Or are you interested in creating one? Reply or reach out at and let’s start a conversation!

The Fallstars – Perfect single release

The Fallstars got together in the late nineties, recorded an as yet unreleased album, and performed at several local venues before splitting up. They kept in touch over the years and as recent talks became increasingly positive over getting together to record again it was decided that now was the perfect time to write and record new material. The first single from those sessions, “Perfect” is available for streaming on various services including Apple Music, Spotify, and Tidal. An EP will follow shortly after.